Are you a member in good standing? Do you want a voice?

 Did you know that even though you are paying union dues this does not mean that you are a member “in good standing”?  Come and see us at our kiosk to pick up a membership package and meet Larry Rousseau, Regional Executive Vice-President of Public Service Alliance of Canada and your Local Executive.

Some of the benefits of being a PSAC member
Public Service Alliance of Canada members get real value for their union dues. When you sign a PSAC membership card you’ve got one of the country’s largest public sector unions backing you up. To give you even more for your money, the PSAC has negotiated special discounts with outside suppliers.

PSAC Scholarship Program
The PSAC Scholarship Program is offering the following 15 scholarships to PSAC members and their children.

Long term service and merit awards
The PSAC offers service awards in recognition to its member officers at any level who have continuously, over a period of ten years or more, served the Alliance membership. For the criteria of selection and the application forms.

MasterCard Program
The PSAC has an agreement with the Bank of Montreal that provides for improved credit card benefits for its members. This PSAC MasterCard program includes some discounted rates and fees, Master Road Assist, Extended Warranty Insurance, and, Skip Payment Privileges. For further details, please call 1-800-263-2263, or visit their website.

Home & Auto Insurance
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For full information or a quotation please call our toll free number

National Capital region:
Ottawa, Ontario: 613-748-1918
Gatineau (Québec): 819-243-0242

(British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have their own government operated automobile insurance plan)

Website address:

Group Life Insurance
Coverage available for all qualifying members and their immediate families. For information and/or application card: Coughlin and Associates, PSAC Insurance Trust, P.O. Box 3518, Station C, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4H5, telephone 613- 231-2266.

For more info: